The Wacuri Method of Five Minutes a Day Meditation for Individual and Collective
Health, Wealth and Happiness

Wacuri Founders Attending Wisdom 2.0

Wacuri Inc Founder and CEO, Dan Spinner will be attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco from March 5-8 along with Wacuri Co-founder, Henry Poole, and COO, Brad Burkhart. The Wacuri team is interested to connect with conference attendees to discuss collaborations. Please reach out at the conference, or in advance through the contact information below.

Wacuri recently published a new book, Wake Up Curious: The Wacuri Method of Five Minutes a Day Meditation for Individual and Collective Health, Wealth and Happiness. The team will have copies of the freshly printed book at Wisdom 2.0. The authors, Dan Spinner and Henry Poole will be available for press interviews about the book.

The Wacuri team has and will continue to pioneer live and recorded social meditation and live sharing. is the only online platform focused on live group meditation that includes live experiential integration and debriefs after the session. The Wacuri mission is to help people find meaningful connections, be seen and heard, and to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature, which is peace, happiness and bliss.

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