The Wacuri Method of Five Minutes a Day Meditation for Individual and Collective
Health, Wealth and Happiness



Wacuri Inc Founders Co-Author, Wake Up Curious: The Wacuri Method of Five Minutes a Day Meditation for Individual and Collective Health, Wealth and Happiness

Print and eBook editions are now available through Waterside Productions—the world’s premier literary agency for mind, body and spirit books.

LAFAYETTE, CA, February, 18, 2020—Wake Up Curious Co-Authors, Executive and Life Coach, Dan Spinner, Technologist and Social Entrepreneur, Henry Poole and Presidential Innovation Fellow, Robert L. Read, PhD collaborate to tell the story about how they stumbled on to a five-minute method of social meditation that offers all the blessings of solo meditation, but with added benefits ranging from expanding intuition and creativity to feeling more optimistic and connected.

The Wacuri Method of social meditation allows people to make connections with others through brief guided imagery Journeys followed by sharing discoveries. The main topics of the book include the biofield, flow state, energetic transmission, non-local consciousness, neuroscience, existential loneliness, belonging, curiosity, and The Wacuri Method of social meditation. If any or all of these subject-matter are of interest to you, then Wake Up Curious is a must read!

A unique component of the Wacuri Method, beyond the obvious social feature, is energetic transmission – characterized by an experience of supra-conceptual and supra-physical information sharing. “A powerful transmission can be a life-shaping experience,” says Spinner. “Energetic transformation can happen directly and intentionally through shaktipat experiences with a spiritual teacher. But transmission can also happen in the context of group spiritual practice.”

We are social creatures. Our reality exists in our relationship to one another. Yet many of us suffer from existential loneliness. As a result we end up feeling disconnected from the world and our fellow human beings. This loop is both personal and collective, which makes it evermore difficult to escape. “Surely we can and must do better,” says Dan Spinner. “We need deeper connections with our self, with others, and with the universe. That is why we have created social meditation online.”

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