The Wacuri Method of Five Minutes a Day Meditation for Individual and Collective
Health, Wealth and Happiness

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Wake Up Curious
SKU: 978-1-949003-23-9

In the book the authors reveal a five-minute method of social meditation and the many benefits, ranging from expanding intuition, creativity and self-knowledge to calming stress and feeling more optimistic. While meditation has generally been scientifically studied as an isolatory practice, researchers are now beginning to explore how shared meditative experiences may provide synchrony between people. The Wacuri Method of social meditation is a new kind of mediation—one that explicitly makes the meditation journey a shared experience. Social meditation synchronizes people and provides much needed connection in a world where so many feel isolated. Participants report greater energy and personal breakthroughs in mood and wellbeing.

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Wake Up Curious Kindle Edition
SKU: 978-1-949003-24-6

You will discover a breakthrough method—a skillful means to get connected and stay connected. Like so many breakthroughs, this one came about out of one person’s desire to tap into the wisdom anyone can access by making a conscious choice to expand their awareness. And to be able to accomplish that even when one has a busy schedule and a mere five minutes to spare. "This book is warm, funny and smart. Better, the joint meditations will take your understanding of consciousness to a new level. Best, you will be making progress on your journey just having read and lived it!” ~ Dr. Melinda Connor, PhD, Fellow of the American Alternative Medicine Association, and Co-Chair of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

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